Artist: Witchcraft

Album: Nucleus

Label: Nuclear Blast

Length: 73:40

Release Date: 1/15/16


If you like: The Sword, Black Sabbath, the heavy side of Led Zeppelin, Pet Genius, doom rock


Standout Tracks:  Malstroem, Theory of Consequence,  The Obsessed


Witchcraft brings the doom rock on their fifth studio release Nucleus, their second offering for Nuclear Blast. My impression of Witchcraft is if Led Zeppelin made metal, this would be it. They remind me of Pet Genius, another band that borrows from metal to create a modern sound that incorporates 60-70s era rock.


It's a pretty good album, but a couple things bugged me. The longer songs feel like they meander. There could have been a few more guitar solos, or at least shred a bit longer on the ones that are there. 

This album feels like it doesn't know if it wants to be doom or bluesy classic rock.


There are some songs that stand out. The songs that are shorter are more heavy metal than doom; that's the area I feel Witchcraft sounds the best. “Malstroem” is light on lyrics, but heavy on tone. “The Obsessed” sounds like a Kyuss song, and I can dig that.


Nuclear Blast isn't scared to sign bands that wouldn't be classified as modern metal (Scorpion Child, Blues Pills, Kadavar), but the ones they do stand out compared to what's heard on the radio. “The Outcast” is a great example of this.


For me, Nucleus falls short as a full album but does contain a couple tracks that people should check out. If you're a person that listens to a lot of rock radio, ditch that and pick this up.


3 out of 5 horns