Interview With White Swan!!!

1.when and how did you meet to form the band (the white swan)

Mercedes - Kira and I have been in a few projects over the years.  Her and I work very well together.  She was my first pick when i decided to go forward with The White Swan.  I met Shane through Kira.  He had been in her live band for her solo album she had put out a few years ago and I thought it was a good fit.  

Kira - Mercedes and I met a few years ago, she found me online and we've always worked well together so when she approached me with the idea of The White Swan there was no hesitation, I knew I wanted to to be apart of it instantly. Shane joined soon after, I knew him through school and playing in my solo band so he seemed like a good choice. did you come up with the name ...?

M-The White Swan was oddly enough named after a T-Rex song.  I’m a huge fan and went on a T-Rex binge and thought "wow that would make a great band name."  I think Marc Bolan has a really special part in Rock'n'roll history.  

K- Mercedes was the brains behind that one, she asked me what I thought of the name one day and I knew it was perfect.

3.who writes the songs it a joint effort or a single person ...? 

M-As of right now I write everything but  if Kira and Shane want to bring songs to the table, I’m always open to that.  So Far out of the 8 songs that we do have, with the exception of jet, I’ve done all of the heavy lifting on them and everyone is okay with that.  We’re a team first and foremost.  

K- Mercedes so far, I'm a song-writer by trade as well so I'm sure as we progress both Shane and I will bring in ideas. We work so well together that whenever Mercedes brings in a new idea it clicks right away.

4.what has been the response on the new ep ...? 

M-So far people are very surprised and really excited to see what else we come up with.  I'm very pleased with the response.  

K- Really awesome. It's been quite flattering to see all of the positive responses so far. I remember getting the masters back from Al after we had been in the studio and thinking to myself "holy shit, this is fucking good," and having a bit of a high just from that, but we've had worldwide response so far and everything has been great. I'm really looking forward to what 2017 will have to offer. you have anything coming up for the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017 ...? 

M-We have a bunch of shows booked for the next few months.  We also plan on going back into the Studio in January for another EP.  We are also looking into shooting a video for some songs on Anubis so look out for that as well.  

K- Oh yeah, a lot of bigger stuff is still in the early stages of planning so far but what I can confirm is that we're still writing a ton of new stuff. So expect a new EP out of February/March I would say. We've got some shows booked across Southwestern Ontario in the next couple of months as well, and a music video with an award winning Director.

6.what has been your inspiration or influences for creating muisc....? 

M- Lots of life events and beer helped to shape The White Swan.  We basically are a band created out of necessity.  I had all these songs that I couldn’t use for any other band I was in at the time so I just decided to go forward with making some demos.  Both bands im in are kind of inactive right now and I start to get really antsy if I don’t write music for long periods of time. 

K- I've always had a love for doom, metal and punk rock but I'd never found anyone who had the same passions for music that I did until I met Mercedes. I've been writing songs since I came out of the womb pretty much so I've always needed an outlet to write and play and the first time Mercedes showed me the riffs for Blood I knew right away that this was a project that we needed to seriously pursue. We both weren't doing much in the realms of music or band wise so it really just made sense to get together and start something new and heavy.

7.who comes up with the albums cover art ...? 

M-Right now we are working with an artist Colin Sinclair that Kira knows very well.  He is amazing at what he does and is so creative.  We basically give him the music and the song titles and we just let him do whatever he wants.  You can check out his Instagram: lemon67

K- A really good artist & friend of mine based out of Toronto: Colin Sinclair. We've been friends for years and I fall in love with every piece he makes. So after we recorded Anubis Colin was the first person that came to mind to approach about doing our cover art. We pretty much sent him the songs, told him the name of the album and told him to make something "trippy as shit." And he really outdid himself. 

8. Who are you currently listening to or would like to share...? 

M-The Unwinding Hours, and the new Torche album Restarter 

K- The new Billy Talent record actually, Afraid of heights is great. Opeth's Watershed is always a personal favourite of mine and Torche's Restarter.