Artist: Venomous Concept

Album: Kick Me Silly

Label: Season of Mist

Length: 49:16

If you like: Trap Them, Napalm Death, a harder Doomriders, Brutal Truth, death n roll


Standout Tracks: Leper Dog, Head on a Stick, Pretty on the Inside, Fucked in Czech Repub!

Venomous Concept is back with its third installment, and boy, was it titled correctly. Kick Me Silly delivers on both bringing the punk/grind-influenced death n' roll and foot-socking the listener into a stupor. The supergroup, consisting of Shane Embury and Johnny Cooke (Napalm Death) on guitars, Danny Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault) on bass, Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth, Primate) on vocals, and Danny Herrera (Napalm Death) on drums, gives you an album you'd expect with such a lineup.


On Kick Me Silly, Herrera's drumming really stands out. The record is light on guitar solos, leaving plenty of room for the drums to run through and hit you from all angles. As a whole, the record is uptempo as hell and really grooves, weaving death, grind and traditional rock in such a blend it should have a smoothie named after it. Only one song clocks in over 3 minutes, the epic last song “Rocket Science”...which is a regular length song with a drum click pattern and static for the remaining thirteen-ish minutes. Thanks for the tease.


I think “Cheeseburger” would be the perfect ringtone for a close friend, because every time I hear that song I can't help but laugh. “Leper Dog”, “Head on a Stick” and “Pretty on the Inside” make you want to yell along. These are the tracks that really let the grind flow.


The death n' roll parts take up the larger chunk of the record and it left me wanting more of the grind elements. This album hooked me after the first listen, but the line hasn't been fully reeled in yet. I haven't yet checked out the first two releases from the band, but will be getting to know them quickly. Kick Me Silly is going to stay in rotation all 2016. I'm along for the ride.


3.5 out of 5 horns


By Kyle Boaz