Artist: Untimely Demise

Album: Systematic Eradication

Label: Punishment 18

Length: 33:59

Release Date: 10/28/13


Standout Tracks: Somali Pirates, Redemption, A Warrior's Blood, Escape From Supermax


If you like: Municipal Waste, Warbringer, Megadeth, thrash



Canada's own Untimely Demise might have a new album coming out in 2016, but I decided to check out their most recent full length Systematic Eradication. The vocal style varies with each song, which could bother some listeners, but it's a different path taken by the band and it works just fine for them. The band blends sounds from traditional thrash bands like Megadeth and Testament with newer thrash like Municipal Waste and Breathing The Fire-era Skeletonwitch.


“The Last Guardian” has a traditional thrash sound along with a pretty sweet drum roll leading into the guitar solo. Continuing to provide a solid backdrop throughout the solo, the drums compliment the guitar rhythmically at times for a great upbeat thrashin' groove. This song is more of a traditional thrash song – most noticeably in the vocals – compared to the more modern sounding “Spiritual Embezzlement”.


“Somali Pirates” combines the sound of the first two songs at is the one of the better songs on Systematic Eradication. It sounds like that's a guitar solo towards the end, but pay more attention to the drumming. The guitar shredding comes in to close out the song.


The tempo changes and ability to hear the bass in “Redemption” throws a fuller sound for the band. There's some excellent riffage starting around the 3 minute mark that just keeps on chuggin'.


“A Warrior's Blood” dabbles a bit in the power metal genre with the guitar solo, but overall is a pretty straightforward thrash song. The album ends with a thunderous bang on “Escape From Supermax”.


The production could be better on “Spiritual Embezzlement”. I hear a lot of kick drum and guitar only. It gives the song a rawer, rougher Skeletonwitch sound, but could be a little clearer.


Systematic Eradication gets better with each song, structure and production wise. The Glen Drover (ex Megadeth/King Diamond) guitar solos definitely helped out. It's a solid thrash album, I just need time to adjust to Untimely Demise's approach to vocals. Any thrash fan will find enjoyment in this; it's definitely worth a listen.


3.5 out of 5 horns


by Kyle Boaz