Trust No One

On their 7th studio album DevilDriver definitely don't disappoint. If you're looking for ballads and melodic tracks look elsewhere. This album comes out swinging with "Testimony of Truth" and never stops. It beats you over the head repeatedly with driving rhythms, vicious drums, soaring leads and Dez Fafaras signature growls. There's a couple tracks that start out a little more subdued but quickly move back to bludgeoning the listener. There was a three year gap between this album and 2013's "Winter Kills". The reason for this hiatus everyone assumes is Dez's return to his old band Coal Chamber. Maybe the hiatus made the band angrier because this album is brutal. While all of their stuff has been heavy for sure, there is something different here. Maybe it's the production who knows. Anyways, in this guys opinion if you want heavy metal in its purest form then look no further. If you dig melodic vocals and lulls and swells in your metal albums then you might want to stay away from this one. Check out DevilDriver on tour with Hatebreed and at for all the latest news.