The Lion's Daughter

Album: Shame On Us All

Label: Pissfork Anticulture

Length: 32:15

Release Date: 6/16/2012


If you like: Elitist, Gaza, Cobalt, Trap Them, Early Graves, blackened sludge


Standout Tracks: Heavenless, Far from Earth; Eaters Of The Sun; Shifter; Deadbeat At Dawn


While The Lion's Daughter celebrate their Season of Mist debut Existence is Horror, I wanted to reflect on the band's first album to show their journey. Shame On Us All is bleak and fucking dominating. It feels like being engulfed in black quicksand, slowly enveloping your being, entrancing you into zombie mode. Play this at my funeral.


This is what I call black hole metal. A convergence of doom, crust, black, thrash, and progressive boils into a void that sucks you in. It's like watching a car crash. I can not get enough of what The Lion's Daughter brings to the table. If you're having a bad day, just listen to “Shifter” on repeat. The three opening tracks are my favorites on Shame On Us All. “The Signal Was Lost” is an interlude of sorts, but has a hypnotic rhythm.


Each riff hits you with such force, I'm surprised I didn't leave my listening with two black eyes and a pocketful of teeth. “Heavenless, Far from Earth” is so aptly titled. The atmosphere is a barren wasteland. Nothingness prevails. These guys are an upgraded version of Gaza.


For an album lacking big time production, Shame On Us All sounds deafeningly fantastic. Thank the fallen angel Season of Mist signed these guys. They represent St. Louis loudly, proudly, and with a lot of venom.


This, along with the EPs and splits, needs a proper re-release on CD and vinyl. Shame On Us All is a must-have for any fan of sludge or overall heaviness. Pick this and the other releases up on Bandcamp. Long live the Lion.


4.5 out of 5 horns


by Kyle Boaz