Tim McFarland, C.E.O.


Hello everybody my name is Timothy McFarland. I am the founder and president of Death By Metal STL. I live in Maryland Heights Mo but I was born in North Carolina till the age of 5 and then moved to St Louis. I was raised on a farm and music was all around my family. I got into metal at a very early age thru my uncle by listening to Boston, Rush and Kiss, till one day he gave me the album Piece Of Mind from Iron Maiden and that started my journey into metal. From Metallica to Slayer and all of thrash I consumed my life in metal and at the age of 15, I started playing guitar that was given to me a Les Paul Gibson started my dreams and by the age of 19 I started playing in bands. In high school I played in a band called pessimistic fate and we won battle of the bands for an opportunity to open for Overkill at Mississippi nights and from there forward I indulged myself deep in metal with going to shows and reaching out to bands for the chance of touring, Over the years from going in and out of the metal scene in St. Louis just as a fan. I continued to play in bands from St. Louis to Illinois and throughout my life and I often thought how can I get more involved so about 3 years ago I helped a local small magazine and after a couple of months of going nowhere I created Death By Metal STL. I have always played in bands and love playing guitar and without music I have no idea where my life would be. Death By Metal STL is built solely for the local scene in St. Louis but since its birth it has grown worldwide to be a major contender in the music world with the help of some awesome and talented people and without them and with the help of some brutal touring bands this would never be achievable.. My life in 2016 would change forever the year started off with a major health issue to in late September being shot in the leg twice working at a local venue doing security by a drive by. Since then the outreach and support of some touring bands and the local St. Louis metal scene has been incredible and gave me strength and still does to this day to become and drive harder to achieving our goal. You can see us from comic cons to horror conventions to major festivals to local shows threw out the country and Europe.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/timothy.m.mcfarland 

Email: deathbymetal66@gmail.com

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/ohsuperpup

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ohsuperpup666