Artist: ThorHammer

Album: Indomitable

Label: self-recorded—on Bandcamp


Release Date: 10/11/2014


If you like: Havok, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, early Metallica, thrash


Standout Tracks: 793 A.D.-The Raid on Lindisfarne, Indomitable, The Prophecy, Enchantress


The first time I heard ThorHammer, they were opening for Skeletonwitch. This was a couple years ago,  and I always wanted to hear more from these dudes. Being on a Bandcamp buying frenzy, Indomitable was a must buy for me. It lived up to my expectations, even if I'm late to the party.


“793 A.D.-The Raid on Lindisfarne” shows you how they do thrash from the beginning….FUCKING WELL. This is progressive thrash at its finest. While Black Fast plays aggressive blackened thrash, ThorHammer adds more elements and plays on the other end of the thrash spectrum, giving us two great local acts in the genre. There's a bit of groove, progressive and a whole bunch of speed thrash seeping out of Indomitable.


The title track wrecks mass destruction on my neck; I can't stop forcefully banging along. I get a “Reign in Blood” vibe from the vocals on this cut also. Every song on the album brings a different wrinkle into the band's sound, making it tough to really pick out songs that stand out from a strong lineup.“Enchantress” is the one that definitely has a different twist to it though.


The drums are hard hitting, the guitars flow great, and the vocals recall to thrash's infant years. ThorHammer gives you an album that you can play for metal fans who can't get over the vocal aspect, and will also melt their face off.


This whole album gets my blood pumping, heart racing, and bald head banging everywhere.

PARTY THRASH. I could drink a whole six pack in one gulp on ThorHammer's guiding wings. This album is for any fan of thrash or upbeat party music. They are the next big metal band out of St. Louis that deserves a home on big name label. Jump on the wagon.


4.25 out of 5 horns


by Kyle Boaz