Band: Nonpoint
Album: The Poison Red

With this being the 13th studio album, Nonpoint comes out strong with the song (generation idiot)....with the album's heavy sound and massive solos ...followed by strong vocals ..(the poison red) is a album that you need to get...lyrically amazing with songs like (be enough) and (chasing white Rabbits) and with edits like (Spanish radio hour) and (rabbit hole), it seems these may be filler. However, over all, the album is one of my top 10 so far this year .Nonpoint is from Fort Lauderdale Florida , formed in 1997 and has never stopped since then. They have continued to produce album after album, while testing the times and never disappointing their fans ...and now with the strongest album to date (the poison red) will musically amaze you and show the true talent of a veteran band!!! They are on tour in 2016, so buy the album and if you get a chance check them out!!!