The Concrete Confessional

The 2016 release of The Concrete Confessional is a really solid album by Hatebreed. Musically it is the best that they have put out to date but lyrically it's Hatebreed through and through. With songs like "Looking Down a Barrel of Today" and  "In the walls" this 13 track album definitely leaves you wanting more! It still has that Hatebreed feel we've all come to love! Formed in 1994 Hatebreed has released 7 studio album's. Front man Jamey Jasta is a busy guy these days, involved with his pod cast and owning Stillborn Records, but, he always delivers for his main love Hatebreed! They are currently on tour with Devildriver and Devil as you know supporting this album as well. So if you get a chance check them out and definitely buy this album!