Artist: The Body

Album: No One Deserves Happiness
Label: Thrill Jockey
Length: 47:47
Release Date: 3/18/16

If you like: I guess Thou, Full of Hell?? Which The Body album are we talking about?

Standout tracks: The Myth Arc, Hallow/Hollow, Starving Deserter, The Fall And The Guilt

No two The Body albums sound alike, and when the band sought to put out a “metal pop” album, No One Deserves Happiness was born. It's a disgustingly beautiful album. One only The Body could pull off.

From the first beat and lyric, you know this is going to be a wild ride. “Wanderings” starts with light female vocals over a simple drum pattern, and the journey is on. Once the distorted, down-tempo guitars, and the unique screeching vocals that are a trademark of The Body kick in, you can see the craftsmanship range of Chip King and Lee Buford.

“The Myth Arc” sounds like SUNN O))) with female clean vocals overlapping. It's quite surreal, haunting, and majestic. It's hard to believe a song that sounds like this is on an album titled No One Deserves Happiness.

“Adamah” reminds of me Phil Collins and Donna Summer.  Wild, right? “The Fall And The Guilt” is a perfect, chilling song that will resonate with any listener.

I'm also pretty sure the song “For You” was a background track in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. “Two Snakes” sees the addition of more electronic elements—play this song for your dubstep buddies purely for a reaction.

“Shelter Is Illusory” sounds like past albums, and the continued use of clean female vocals works better than I could have imagined. You can't doubt the talent of the band. The songs that sounds the most like traditional The Body are “Starving Deserter” and “Hallow/Hollow”; thick, dense plodding sounds with the familiar screech vocals and some left field wrinkle to set themselves apart.

If you put Nine Inch Nails, SUNN O))) and Mariah Carey in a blender, you get this album. And that's not even The Body's sound. They continue to amaze, and break the parameters of how we define music.   The most underrated all around musicians working. If No One Deserves Happiness, how did we get this release?

4.5 out of 5 horns