Artist: Surgical Meth Machine

Album: Surgical Meth Machine

Label: Nuclear Blast

Length: 39:57

Release Date: 4/15/16


If you like: Napalm Death, Ministry, GWAR, Total Fucking Destruction, thrash/grind


Standout tracks: Tragic Alert, I'm Invisible, Unlistenable, I Want More


One thing Surgical Meth Machine can never be accused of is lacking originality. That should be expected with an Al Jourgensen project. This album is an experience to listen to purely for the “what the fuck” factor. SMM play a style that's grind and punk with some industrial/thrash mixed in.


I feel like the vocal style doesn't fit the music, but it still works. It's almost like Faith No More on speedballs. “Unlistenable” made me feel like I was on strong drugs. I'm not sure if it was an actual song or I had a five minute stroke with the TV blaring.


The lyrics on this record are absolutely ridiculous. Just listen to “Rich People Problems” and “I Don't Wanna” for evidence.


“Tragic Alert” is catchy, and the band's name is a great description of what it sounds like. “I Want More” has some excellent guitar work. It also had me yelling “You're a douchebag!” at my dog, so there's that.


What a weird intro on “I'm Sensitive”. I feel like I'm in a European club and some drunk guy is rambling on about his life. It's a strange song. “Just Go Home” and “Just Keep Going” revisit this theme; they sound like hard trance songs.


“Smash And Grab” has a heavy industrial influence, like a Ministry-lite. The fact that they cover “Gates Of Steel” by Devo should show you the Wonka-like journey you're on. It fades into “Spudnik”….and I'm not sure where this is taking me.


“I'm Invisible” sounds like a dark wave song. It's a great song, and it had me forgetting that this is a “metal” album. The whole second half of this album...what is going on?


This is hands down the most unique release I've heard this year. I don't know, on a metal scale, where to place it, but as a fan of music, I must have this.


4.25 out of 5 horns


by Kyle Boaz