Artist: Stormcaller

Album: Hammercult

Label: Independent

Length: 17:15

Release Date: 2/23/16


If you like: Carpathian Wolves, Graveland, Darkthrone, experimental black metal


Standout Tracks: Othila, The Wanderer's Haven




Local band (that's St. Louis) and black/folk group Stormcaller summon the pack with their second release Hammercult. I hear more of a thrash element than folk on Hammercult instrumentally, other than “The Wanderer's Haven”. There is some other elements added for style, and experimental black metal wouldn't be that far off.


“Othila” has a pretty awesome drum fill that goes into a kick pattern with cymbals that I dig. “Altar of Midvinterblot” is strong also, but the other two offer something fresh for black metal.


“The Wanderer's Haven” is a fucking genius song; the off timed folk guitars and black metal drums with a distorted guitar make me feel like I'm having a metal-induced stroke (the good kind). There's a beautiful cadence with this song. It's my favorite track out of the three and I highly recommend a listen.


I really enjoyed this EP. Go pick it up on Bandcamp for a mere $5; it's definitely worth the price. Here's hoping to a proper full length in the future.


3.75 out of 5 horns


by Kyle Boaz