Citizen Zero - State Of Mind Review

Citizen Zero: State of Mind (45:55)
1. What a Feeling
2. Go (Let Me Save You)
3. Save The Queen
4. State of Mind
5. Come Away
6. Lure And Persuade
7. Love Let It
8. Applause And Fame
9. When The Rain Comes
10. Bangin' In The Nails
11. Home

The debut album from Citizen Zero comes out of the gates swinging with a huge anthem in "What a Feeling"! A straight up rocker with a huge vocal hook! Following that up with the debut single "Go (Let Me Save You)" the band shows that this album is going to rock all the way through, and lead guitarist Sammy Boller rip through a killer solo that's fancy but soulful at the same time. In "Save The Queen" lead vocalist Josh Mayle pushes his voice to the limits. You can hear it almost break but it doesn't and it really adds a nice authenticity to what he's saying. The title track "State of Mind" has a building intro with snare rolls and fuzzy guitars leading into a straight ahead rock beat and feel. Not the strongest track on the album and also the only one that, in my opinion, lacks originality. Back in their own groove with "Come Away" they pulled me back in with vocals that raise you up and give you hope. Another great job on this one from singer Josh Mayle who's voice sounds like a mash up of Brent Smith from Shinedown and Josh Todd from Buckcherry. Nothing wrong with that though as both of those bands are rock powerhouses! "Lure and Persuade" is a little bit darker than the rest of the album musically but still finds time for the major chord filled big rock chorus. Same thing with "When The Rain Comes" which starts out with a very cool lead guitar lick and kicks straight into a heavy groove. If anyone remembers the band Brother Cane from the 90's these guys are a little reminiscent of them on this track. No problem for me as I actually really dug that band in my younger years. "Bangin' In The Nails" is quiet a statement about self proclaimed martyrs who refuse to change their bad behavior to better themselves. "Home" ends this epic album with a strong message about not pleasing the masses and living for yourself. It's a great closing song and the only song that even kind of resembles a ballad. All in all this is a excellent debut and probably the strongest straight up rock album to come out in years! The brothers Greg (Bass) and John (Drums) put down an excellent rhythm section throughout and Sammy Boller is a tremendous talent on the guitar. Not too many bands in this day and age of overdone pop music and shows like "The Voice" seem to understand subtlety. These guys definitely know when to crank it up and when to bring it back down both musically and lyrically. Tremendous talent and a fantastic debut album should cement their status as a rising, soon to be, arena rock band! Check them out online at: and check out the lyric video for the debut single "Go (Let Me Save You) here:

Review By Justin Ruesch