Slayer - Repentless Review

Delusions of Saviour
Take Control
Cast the First Stone
When the Stillness Comes
Chasing Death
Piano Wire
Atrocity Vendor
You Against You
Pride in Prejudice

(Length) 41:57

On their 12th studio album Slayer sounds as strong as ever. No easy feat for Kerry King and Tom Araya after losing fellow founding member Jeff Hanneman I'm sure. Absent as well is Dave Lombardo which explains why Paul Bostaph is back on drums for the first time since 2001's "God Hates Us All". This is also the first appearance of ex-Exodus guitarist Gary Holt. He had some giant shoes to fill but can definitely hold his own. Digging into the album a little bit, the title track "Repentless" is classic Slayer through and through. Screaming solos, double bass, pummeling riffs and Araya's unmistakable raspy sing/scream vocals. There's a few songs on here that slow things down like "When the Stillness Comes" and "Piano Wire". The latter being the only song on the album that Hanneman has writing credits for. Even slower tho Slayer is still vicious. "Vices" has a catchy hook to it while still being heavy and to the point. Three videos have been released for this album so far and have a continuous story throughout them which is pretty cool. "You Against You", "Repentless" and "Pride in Prejudice" in that order if you plan on checking them out. If you like blood and gore then they're right up your alley. My personal favorite on this album is "Taking Control" as it reminds me more of some of their classic stuff. Love them or hate them Slayer has never once in 35 years strayed from their original vision, no ballads, no love songs, no radio hits and no compromise! Check them out online at: and on tour with Anthrax and Death Angel!