Artist: Shrinebreaker

Album: Ice Grave

Label: Creator-Destructor

Length: 37:48

Release Date: 1/15/16


If you like: Coliseum, Elitist, Trap Them, Black Fast, crust/hardcore


Standout Tracks: Fractured Existence, Severed Denial, River of Pain


Bringing the heavy tonal hardcore from San Jose, CA, Shrinebreaker bring forth their debut LP Ice Grave. Their sound on the album is a gray line of sludge, hardcore and crust, blackened just a tad. It's a great mix, and leads to a strong debut. The sound is about as demonic as the artwork.


I kind of get a Skeletonwitch vibe from these guys, minus all the crazy solos, but the groove is there. The guitars are hypnotically heavy, and put you into a trance. I'm a big fan of the tone.

“Fractured Existence” is a neck breaker and excellent mosh pit jet fuel. “River of Pain” reminds me of Helacraxe. The intro in “Flesh Wound” is extremely catchy. The instrumental “Merciless Victory” is a great send out to a great debut. The rest of the album weaves in between heavy repetitive riffs and brutal drumming breakdowns throughout the rest of Ice Grave.


The songs that are longer don't have the same intensity as the shorter songs, but are heavy and would fit perfectly into any song in the stoner/sludge genre. Shrinebreaker sound like they're from the South.

 The sprinkled in acoustic riffs caught me off guard, but they work as good bridges to the next wave of aggression.


Shrinebreaker put forth a great debut, and fans of hardcore will definitely dig it. Keep an eye on these guys ; hopefully they're here to stay.


3.5 out of 5 horns


By Kyle Boaz