The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser- Rob Zombie
Delving into the recently released ridiculously long titled Rob Zombie album, a few things come to mind. First of all, how high was he when he titled this thing? At what point did he turn in his musicians for synthesizers and samplers? Lastly, how many "die hard" fans does he have left out there? Don't get me wrong i harbor no ill will for the man, he has definitely done well in life and i assume he's living his dream (a very psychedelic one i would guess) but where is the fire and the heart that made us all rave about La Sexorcisto when it dropped many moons ago? That album was a hell of a lot of fun and very original and not one true metal head out there cant hum the guitar line for Thunderkiss 65. I'm getting side tracked here but listening to this new album just made me nostalgic i suppose. Anyways on to the album.....

The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser
"The Last of the Demons Defeated" kicks off this album with a heavily processed sound, hard to understand ramblings and honestly not much else. "Satanic Cyanide" kicks it up a little bit with some cool dissonant sounding guitars and a interesting acoustic breakdown that sounds like something Dave Mustaine might come up with. Every song title on this album is long so instead of giving a song by song breakdown and repeating myself over and over we'll just skip ahead. One of the main things i personally don't care for is, in this day and age of recording why the fuzzy guitars? I want to hear the monster thick punchy guitars, not Beatles era distortion but that's me. Moving on, a couple tracks that stood out for me were "In the Bone Pile" and "Wurdalak". "In the Bone Pile" has a catchy groove right off the bat that you could easily mosh to on a first time listen and has some pretty cool synth sounds throughout. The lyrics are pretty cheesy but his have kind of always been anyways. "Wurdalak" starts out with feedback and some low creepy talking. When it kicks in it definitely has some punch to it. Its one of the slowest tracks on the album and is the longest but it holds your attention and keeps moving along at a good pace, until it hits the creepy sounding piano which brings the song and the album to a pretty nice close. In summary, if you are a Zombie fan then you'll definitely enjoy this album. What it lacks in originality it makes up for with consistency to his signature "sound". I doubt it will get him a lot of new fans but iv'e been known to be wrong (every once in a blue anyways) so that's this guys opinion. Catch him on tour this summer with Korn in a city near you because no matter what his albums are or are not, he always delivers a kick ass live show!