Artist: Oranssi Pazuzu

Album: Värähtelijä

Label: Svart Records/20 Buck Spin

Length: 69:13

Release Date: 2/26/16


If you like: Deafheaven, Agalloch, later Nachtmystium, atmospheric post-black metal


Standout Tracks: Saturaatio, Lahja, Hypnotisoitu viharkous, Vasemman Käden Heirarkia, Havuluu, Valveavaruus


If there's a band that more needs exposure here in 'Murica, it's Finland's Oranssi Pazuzu. Each album they've released is art, and with their newest offering Värähtelijä, they've only improved. I beg listeners who don't enjoy longer songs to just listen; you won't notice AT ALL.


“Saturaatio” shows how unique this band is immediately. A catchy intro to draw the listener in, and then add the Pazuzu twist. It's black metal from space. The blaster-like sounds fit the atmosphere perfectly. The vocals have a wide range, but remain on the black metal spectrum. The ending is a tonal journey that sounds like you're in a cave of despair.


With the opening dissonant bells/chimes/whatever on “Lahja” over a steady tribal drum beat, an anxious mood is set. The vocals and guitars in this song sound like Godflesh or Neurosis. It's honestly hard to describe how these songs make you feel; they're masterfully crafted. Each one is a new entity that you brutally float through. Stare at the cover while you listen to this album.


“Hypnotisoitu viharkous” shows is where the band brings the black metal, and the use of synth on this song should be in a how-to handbook for the genre. The crown jewel in this masterpiece is the nearly 18 minute epic “Vasemman Käden Heirarkia”. The space-like sounds return on the final track “Valveavaruus” leaving me running to hit replay for the whole album. There's no flaws anywhere on this album. Oranssi Pazuzu should score every horror movie for the next 15 years.


Hopefully this gives Pazuzu the Sunbather-like breakthrough Deafheaven achieved. Post-black metal has been a prominent scene going back to Agalloch's 2010 album Marrow of the Spirit, and 2016 will be the Year Of Oranssi Pazuzu. Värähtelijä, Album Of The Year.


5 out of 5 horns


by Kyle Boaz