Metal Church-XI

Killing Your Time
No Tomorrow
Signal Path
Sky Falls In
Needle and Suture
Blow Your Mind
Soul Eating Machine
It Waits
Suffer Fools

Length 47:08

On their eleventh studio album classic thrash metal band Metal Church, are definitely keeping it real and staying true to their roots. If you're looking for a Nu metal vibe or any other sub genre of metal than stay away from this one! This is straight up old school 80s style thrash and nothing else and it is very fucking refreshing! "Reset" kicks off this album with a hearty dose of horns in the air excitement. Suddenly it's 1987 again and you're listening to your Walkman playing your favorite Maxell mix tape..... First single and video for the album "No Tomorrow" has one of the most "metal" riffs I've heard in years pumping through it and vocalist Mike Howes signature screech holding it down. This is the first album in 23 years that Mike Howe has sang on and honestly you can't tell. He hasn't missed a beat! There's many great songs on this album and I could bore you with the details but let's just sum it up: If you're an old school metal head wanting to take a trip back in time to the good old days then this ones for you! Check out Metal Church on tour this fall and online at: