After a four year hiatus, Disturbed returns with their sixth studio album Immortalized. Before the release of the album a killer video for "The Vengeful One" was released. The bands mascot "The Guy" is shown destroying the global media conglomerate which had taken over the world in a highly stylized half real half cartoon look. Pretty bad ass way to introduce a album! The album itself is very strong and showcases a veteran band doing what they do best: no frills, no bullshit artistic indulgence, straight up rockers! Of course not every track is in your face, there are a couple tracks like "The Light" that bring it down a couple notches in intensity, but still have the powerful energy of the band behind them. There is nothing here that doesn't deliver. My personal favorite is their haunting cover of Simon and Garfunkels "The Sound of Silence". They've done some really good covers over the years but this one is their masterpiece in my opinion. The video for the song is also very cool! The title track "Immortalized" lyrically sums up most of the album. David Draimans lyrics are always well written and have a kind of never stop fighting feel to them and conformity will not be tolerated. These days when a lot of popular music is lyrically relegated to partying and sappy break up songs it's refreshing to see Disturbed back on the scene to shake things up. While there are a shit ton of great metal bands out there, not all of them have the exposure and the reach that these guys do. They are one of only three bands that have had four different albums debut at number one on the Billboard 200 charts after all. To sum it up, in this guys opinion anyways, you should buy this album! Check out Disturbed in the city nearest you with Breaking Benjamin this summer!