Huntress-Static (2015)

I want to wanna wake up
Four Blood Moons
Harsh Times on Planet Stoked
Noble Savage
Fire In My Heart 

Length 47:23

The new Huntress album is their third release. Amid all the personal issues and health problems of singer Jill Janus and personnel changes Huntress has managed to put out a pretty strong album here. Old school guitar riffs and abundant harmonies recall the NWOBHM movement from many many years ago. It's refreshing to hear some melody and attention to groove over technicality from a newer band. Of course you want your metal to be heavy but why can't it get your head bobbing and fist pumping at the same time? Musically Static is very well produced and super tight! My issues came in with the vocal production and sometimes, the performance. The lyrics were very hard to understand on some of these songs. Too saturated with harmonies and effects at times and just plain over sang as well. Jill has a great set of pipes there's no doubt about that but she's not trying out for "The Voice" is she? Other than those couple things I really enjoyed listening to Static and if this is the direction Huntress is going I will be sure to check out their next album ASAP! Catch them on tour this fall with Trivium and Sabaton and online at