The Acacia Strain - Gravebloom Review

Track Listing:

1. Worthless
2. Plague Doctor
3. Bitter Pill
4. Big Sleep
5. Gravebloom
6. Abyssal Depths
7. Model Citizen
8. Calloused Mouth
9. Dark Harvest
10 .Walled City
11. Cold Gloom

Summer time is known for being one of the best times for getting new music. One of the most anticipated albums of not just the summer, but of 2017, is The Acacia Strain's new album, "Gravebloom". It Is being released on June 30, 2017 on Rise Records. Fans of The Acacia Strain will have an expectation of angry vocals over breakdowns and I can tell you this album does not disappoint! Gravebloom is 11 tracks of heaviness and emotion! From the opening track, Worthless ( which had me feeling like I was in a horror movie) to the ending track , Cold Gloom ( which is a 9 minute 15 second track of wickedness) this album will have you going through your angry emotions and moshing in your living room . Gravebloom is my favorite The Acacia Strain album yet! I can easily say, 6 months in to 2017, Gravebloom is my pick for Album Of The Year! It is definitely an album that you can listen to from front to back, whether you are hitting the gym, taking a road trip or when you are getting pumped up for a night out!  Make sure to check out The Acacia Strain, all summer on The Vans Warped Tour!

I Give It 5 Out Of 5 Stars!

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Review done by Lee Montgomery