Ghost - Meliora Review

From the Pinnacle to the Pit
He Is
Mummy Dust
Devil Church
Deus In Absentia

Length 41:35

Meliora is defined as "better" or "the pursuit of something better". Now one of the nameless ghouls of Ghost mentioned this while talking about the albums lyrical content. However, I believe that "Meliora" is a better album all around than its predecessors. Maybe it was subconscious on their part....This is Ghost's third full length album and the follow up to 2013's "Infestissumam". Like the other two it is themed and this one deals with living in a godless world. Papa Emeritus III makes his debut here after the retiring of his brother Papa Emeritus II. Ghost had a huge accomplishment on this album by having it's lead single "Cirice" win the 2016 Grammy Award for best metal performance. "Cirice" is definitely one of the standout tracks on this album, showcasing a heavy as hell mid paced groove, and beautiful vocal harmonies that contrast it. "Spirit" is the lead off track and starts with a musical intro you might hear at a haunted house or a Halloween hits cd. When the drums kick in with a heavy hitting groove you remember you are listening to a metal album. One huge difference on this album compared to the last is the guitar presence. One of the nameless ghouls stated that "Infestissumam" kind of put that instrument in the back seat so this time they wanted it to shine, and shine it does! There is some great guitar playing on this album! Beautiful melodic solos to thick and full crunch to straight up groove riffs it's all here. "Mummy Dust" is another standout in my opinion. It starts off sounding like a straight up old school metal song before giving way to a bad ass chorus which features creepy piano lines wrapping around almost whispered vocals. "Majesty" follows it with more of a rock feel, even including some 1960's sounding organs. "Absolution" is another one that picks up the pace a little bit. Giving the album a roller coaster kind of feel. "Deus In Absentia" brings "Meliora" to an epic close with multi layered instrumental parts, a huge chorus and haunting chanting to close out the song and the album. To be 100% honest I know a lot of people absolutely love Ghost and I always thought they were OK I guess......BUT this album here is a great fucking album! I am now on board with Ghost all the way! Check them out online at: and on tour here in America this fall! 

-Justin Ruesch