Venue: FUBAR

Location: 3108 Locust St.

Capacity: ???

Hours: ???


FUBAR is the perfect venue for metal. And thankfully, it is the venue that features the most metal shows in the St. Louis area. I've been lucky enough to see some of my favorite bands there, such as Animals As Leaders, Intronaut, Entheos, Goatwhore, Black Fast, and many others that were enjoyed with many beers.  It's pretty easy to spot on show nights; look for a large gaggle of black-shirted individuals standing outside.


The setup in FUBAR works quite well. When you first walk in, you are greeted with the stage directly to your right. Welcome to the jungle. The ample-sized bar area tucked behind the centralized bathrooms leaves more room to mosh and headbang...both things that happen abundantly. The open area that hooks around the stage in an L shape leaves abundant room for concertgoers to be pummeled by sound and each other.


My favorite thing about FUBAR is the ability to sit back and talk to the musicians after the shows; it gives a feeling of togetherness in the metal scene. Because of this, FUBAR almost feels like every show is a basement show. Everyone is social, having fun, and rocking out. The atmosphere of the venue brings out metal camaraderie.


The only knock I have on the place is that when the place is packed and you're late to a show, getting stuck on the side of the stage by the door leads to an awkward view; but that situation is on you. It is still top tier for local metal shows, hands down.


FUBAR is the home of St. Louis metal. While there are other venues in the area that host metal shows, and do a great job in their own merit, FUBAR is the only place where once you walk in, you know it was a house constructed that very reason.