Force Rise The Sun

Prosthetic Records


Since 2010, InAeona has been showing us the light. With powerful vocals that seem to put you in a trance and a combination of amazing lyrics that tell a story, and chords that sound like the stuff of dreams. On Force Rise The Sun, every song in its own way shows the talent of this band. Vocalist, Bridge Laziazar, is whispering in a hypnotic lullaby that is beyond graceful with each breath and backing her, is the seamless stream of notes from (Dave Soucy, bass) and (James Dunham, drums). This makes the band a deadly combination that produced an excellent album. From "Bright Black" to "Soldier" and finishing strong with "Skywatcher"  the album tells a chaotic story. With the first EP Blue Sky All Day coming out in 2010, it built a foundation for the musical monster which we hear in Force Rise The Sun. Their first ep will also get you lost in each song,leave you wanting more and will bring you to the understanding of why this band is signed. From the musical talent to the lyrical stories, InAeona is a must see live band and Force Rise The Sun is a must have in your album or CD collection.