Artist: Fister

Album: Gemini

Label: Pissfork Anticulture

Length: 46:38

Release Date: 3/23/13


If you like: The Lion's Daughter, High on Fire, Indian, sludge/post-black metal


Standout Tracks: Antitheist, Gemini, Suicide Hessian, Permanent Chemical Psychosis


The world's biggest Charles Bronson fans return with Gemini, sludgy, doomy, post-black metal release that takes no prisoners. Gemini as an album is like a prizefighter boxer; its not about one individual blow, but the sum of the damage inflicted. Each song hits hard.


This album has a slower tempo The Lion's Daughter, which makes sense, with Rick Giordano guesting on guitar.  At points of “Antitheist”, the vocals border on black metal. Atmospheric, sludgy, experimental, black metal all come to mind on this song. The violins come out of nowhere. You would think this is some Finnish experimental black metal band.


“Suicide Hessian” brings a quicker pace and a ripping opening guitar solo. If High on Fire ever decided to go in the black metal direction, you would have this song. Towards the end, the song gains an overly cult-like feel to it atmosphere wise.


The eerie piano on the album title track “Gemini” accompanied by the acoustic guitar is peaceful yet you know it's leading you back into some blackened depths. A pummeling ensues. “Permanent Chemical Psychosis” is aptly named. Heavy, repetitive chugging with a bit of a psychedelic guitar solo is Jerry Garcia on too much of the brown acid at Bloodstock.


Gemini give Fister a Southern Lord or Profound Lore band sound – something brash, dark, and extreme. I don't care if they don't label themselves as post-black, I hear it on this release. I recommend this release to anyone who likes any form of sludge, or pure heaviness in general. I've been Fisted.


4 out of 5 horns


by Kyle Boaz