Artist: The Lion's Daughter

Album: Existence Is Horror

Label: Season of Mist

Length: 39:22

Release Date: 1/8/16


If you like: Elitist(Bastard Feast), Tombs, Fister, blackened sludge


Standout Tracks: Nothing Lies Ahead, Dog Shaped Man, They're Already Inside, Four Flies


On their major label debut, The Lion's Daughter did not disappoint. Existence Is Horror keeps to the bleak, brutal blackened sludge metal formula that makes St. Louis proud. The artwork for this record was a perfect choice and I stare at it constantly.


A smooth intro starts us off with some light background screaming and a little guitar. The drum kick pattern about halfway through “Mass Green Extinctus” is awesome, and solid all around on the whole track.


“Nothing Lies Ahead” has a guitar riff that sounds like a buzzsaw full of hornets ravaging the land. The guitar effects used about three fourths the way through are pretty trippy, and give an outer space vibe. This is the one that stood out to me for its aggression and unique effects used.

The bass riff is “Midnight Glass” is heavy as shit and the background fill is great also. The guitar layers perfectly and sounds almost machine-like. They do a good job alternating. “The Fiction In The Dark” is a brief black metal interlude. “They're Already Inside” could be the best song on the album; the instruments and vocals come together in a perfect storm of brutality.


“The Horror Of Existence” has a thrash-y riff sounding straight from the 80s in the middle of a The Lion's Daughter song, which is unpredictable yet amazing. It's a fitting track to close out a great offering. The vocals remain on the heavier side of the sludge spectrum, but the whole band resides there anyways.


Erik Ramsier's drumming on Existence Is Horror is phenomenal. He really shines on this album, and beats the absolute piss out of his kit on “Dog Shaped Man”.  As a whole, it's a beautiful piece of experimental sludge metal. Top 3-5 of the year. Keep 'em coming.


4.75 out of 5 horns


by Kyle Boaz