Artist: Brutus

Album: Murwgebeukt

Label: Willowtip

Length: 54:41



If you like: Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Aborted, early Decrepit Birth, brutal death metal



Standout Tracks: Lijdensweg, Verbolgen, Vulvanus, Murwegebeukt,



Murwgebeukt (Willowtip) is Brutus' second album overall, and first in nearly thirteen full calender years. The gore-laden hack fest that graces the cover gives you an idea of what's in store for your ear canals from the Netherlands based group.


The band brings forward straight brutal death metal. Vocals are a tricky part of this genre, and the vocalist does a great job toeing the line between low gutturals, but still registers as somewhat human, and compliments the guitars and drums. The guitars have razor precision, chopping through dense layers of blast beats and skin thumping brought on through the drums.


These guys can definitely play, and the drummer pounds the skins like a man possessed by a demonic octopus. Not sure if playing a bass or choking out Kermit the Frog on the song “Murwgebeukt”, but I'm just gonna sip on my tea and hang my head. There are times where songs dip into technical death metal waters, but those moments sail back into the band's comfort zone of brutal death.


Brutus' Willowtip biography claims that former drummer Ploegbaas was “fully responsible for the lyrics and artistic concept” of Murwgebeukt—maybe that's what creates a void feeling for me listening on this release. It's understandable to want to release their final composition, but it's hard to execute without the maestro.


This album could grow on me with future listens. It's hard to stand out in brutal death, and songs like Lijdensweg, Murwgebeukt, and Verbolgen show a direction this band could go. Personally, I think this band could grow into a more technical-centered band, like Decrepit Birth, and really form a name and identity for themselves. Overall, Murwgebeukt is a standard brutal death metal release with potential, but borders on generic.


Their first album, Slachtbeest, was released in December 2003 by Unique Leader.


2.75 out of 5 horns


By Kyle Boaz