Artist: Bad Acid
Album: Revelations Of The Third Eye
Label: Transubstans Sweeden
Length: 43:06
Release Date: 4/8/16

If you like: Kyuss, The Sword, Black Sabbath, Royal Thunder, psych-blues/stoner rock

Recommended tracks: Amnesia Haze, Revelations Of The Third Eye,

When you see a band with a name like Bad Acid, and then see their artwork, you have to give it a listen; it's science. So with no previous knowledge of the band, I took the red pill.

It starts out with a guitar riff that makes me feel like I'm stranded in the desert. More like Bad Peyote. The intro fades into a second part that picks you up and drifts you away This is some good psych-blues metal, with female vocals.

Bad Acid uses the bass guitar right. Prevalent but not overpowering, this band is able to put you on a journey. The title track is a great example. Guitar effects are also on point on this song, while the drums keep the trance alive. There's a thick bass intro on “Amnesia Haze” as well and it grooves all the way through the track.

Like any good stoner metal (with that psych-blues feel), these songs are long. What better way to pass the time whist in a daze? “The Oldest Lie” is a great sing along while the guitar loudly wails. “Bad Acid” hits with full momentum from all members, and hence the name.

“Heavy Is The Crown” continues that bass trend, and I feel Sabbath immediately with this song. If this is the Bad Acid, I don't want to know what's right. A psychedelic Jucifer with a fuller sound. That's another way to attempt to frame this band.

This scratched an itch I didn't know I had. I've always enjoyed this blend of genres, and I think the female vocals and execution put Bad Acid put them over the top on Revelations Of The Third Eye. Like bass-heavy Kyuss and stoner/blues Black Sabbath before them, Bad Acid transcends the metal genre to be more accessible to the general public. They should hear this, along with us metalheads, immediately.

4.5 out of 5 horns