Artist: Agorophobic Nosebleed        

Album: Arc

Label: Relapse

Length: 27:13

Release Date: 1/22/16


If you like: (more upbeat) Sunn )))0, Sleep's Dopesmoker, heavier Kyuss, Kylesa,  heavy sludge w/ influences, any AnB release


Standout Tracks: Deathbed, Gnaw


Massachusetts grind legends Agorophobic Nosebleed are back in 2016 with Arc, a three song EP that's gonna sound different for long time fans. The fact that that they wanted to try a new genre is worth noting. It's definitely odd to only see three songs on an AnB album.


The tone of Arc sounds like Agoraphobia but in a completely different tempo. You would never be able to tell that this band has been playing grind for over two decades; they sound like sludge had been their swamp for years.


Arc has great layering. I love the bass riff and change around the 4:40 mark of “Not A Daughter”. “Deathbed” offers a progressive feel to the genre. While it has been seen, listening to a band like AnB play it show their diversity. “Gnaw” brings the intensity of their grind sound in a new light. I really wanted this to be longer.


I really liked the way AnB branched out with this release; it's something you have to respect. If this is the new direction of the band's sound, I can handle it. I would recommend Arc to anyone who likes the band and fans of heavy sludge. The band has mastered grind, and a new genre needs their conquering.



4 out of 5 horns


by Kyle Boaz