Apothesary - Accept Loss Forever Review

Sensory Overload
Two Minute Hate
Accept Loss Forever
Making Up For Lost Time
You’ve Met With A Terrible Fate Have
Woodland Critter Christmas
Tempest (Even Tide) (Ft. Bill Hudson)
Expressionless Me

Heavy, Brutal and fast pace from the start! “Sensory Overload” is so heavy! when you think it’s done you get another heavy dose of in your face brutal screams.  “Two minute hate” is the exact words I would describe its own song! It’s hard and its heavy and it will make you want to mosh anywhere! It literally is a heavy burst of pure hate and its glorious! They definitely have the definition of metal down packed! Because this album from start to finish never lets up off the throttle! It is Hard, Heavy, Fast and Loud! These guys show promise in the metal world with one unforgivingly Heavy metal Album! It definitely does not disappoint!

5 out of 5 Stars

Review By Tito Curtis