Artist: Aborted
Album: Retrogore
Label: Century Media
Length: 43:16
Release Date: 4/22/16

If you like: Cannibal Corpse,  Dying Fetus, Decapitated, Suffocation, death metal

Standout tracks: Retrogore, Divine Impediment, From Beyond (The Grave), Cadaverous Banquet

Well, we know which album will have the best art of 2016 already. Aborted's Retrogore has so much going on with the art, but the straightforward death metal approach to the music hasn’t changed.

An absolutely insane way to start the album. It reminds me of when a movie plays a peaceful song over a viciously violent scene.

“From Beyond (The Grave)” is a the best song the album to me. Retrogore is a solid death metal album, but this is the one song that you cant help move your whole body to while your blood cells are running the Daytona 500.

The guitar assault preformed on “Cadaverous Banquet” is a force that destroys you. The breakdown around the three minute mark has the drums jump out of nowhere and devour the listener like a fierce puma.
The guitar solo in “Bit By Bit” highlights a song that builds into thunderous blast beat paradise.

“Retrogore” sounds like a typical death metal song, but there’s something about the congealment of every element of death metal coming together to form an excellent intro track. That's Aborted for you.

“Divine Impediment” is a heavy drum heavy song that shows how well Ken Bedene can pulverize the kit. When the scale run solo kicks in and converges with the drum work, the result  is phenomenal. “Forged For Decrepitude” also fits that mold drum-wise.

“Coven Of Ignorance” has a kickass blues metal solo that becomes a hardcore song. It's pretty majestic, like a unicorn with corpse paint. “The Mephitic Conundrum” also sounds more hardcore, but still remains a death metal song.

It's good to see that these guys can still bring the heat approaching 20 years as a band. A name synonymous with death metal, Aborted still remain at the top of the genre with Retrogore. Hangbang with pleasure.

4 out of 5 horns